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Oak Park River Forest High School

Named for the two Chicago suburbs it serves, Oak Park and River Forest High School has earned national recognition for academic excellence and is renowned throughout the Chicago metro area for its outstanding programs in the performing arts. To ensure that students and faculty receive optimal support from the latest technology, the school recently replaced the aging sound reinforcement system in its 1,500-seat main auditorium.

Oak Park River Forest

Odyssey Chicago River

When Entertainment Cruises set out to build the Odyssey Chicago River, their desire was to create an unforgettable experience for their guests. Stepping on board the boat, from the graceful service and exquisite dining to the glitzy visual impact of the glass-enclosure to the crystal-clear acoustics that OSA installed, Entertainment Cruises succeeded!

Odyssey Chicago River
Outdoor Oasis

Outdoor Oasis, Northern Illinois Suburbs

Homeowners in northern Chicago suburbs renovated their property with an inspiring landscape for entertaining during the warmer months. Upon completion of the gardens, they wanted to upgrade the sound system, which originally consisted of a handful of faux rock speakers around the pool, to extend across the entire property.

Polk Bros

The Polk Bros Park Performance Lawns

In July 2017, Navy Pier completed construction of the Polk Bros Park Performance Lawns. Part of Navy Pier’s Centennial Vision to transform the iconic destination into an ever-evolving “People’s Pier” with an array of special programming, the lawns were built to play host to live arts and cultural events. To accommodate the Pier’s new and comprehensive arts and culture plan, the stages needed to feature state-of-the-art sound and lighting. Familiar with OSA’s live events work and staff, the Pier brought OSA in to install the sound system for the new park.

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